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Put Your Health To The Test

From a full body MOT to a genetic test, the WH team has given blood, sweat and saliva to try out the six health tests every woman should know about.

Women's Health - 2013

Contributing health writer Helen Foster’s DNA revealed her skin age

Experience: It is so simple - swab your cheek, then send off the sample to Australia to be analysed.

Results: There’s nothing like seeing a score of 25% for your ability to retain collagen - the average is 66% - to make you think you’d better slap on the SPF. Sagging and jowls are the future if I dont act now. Helpfully, the report contains lifestyle and nutritional advice to help combat the negatives. I need to drink more green tea and eat less sugar as I’m prone to glycation, which leads to wrinking. The report also tells you ingredients to look for when buying skincare.