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Customized Skincare

Everyone's skin is genetically unique and knowing what one's own DNA actually looks like can help foster a transformational skincare regimen that actually works.
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Spoiled Little LA Girls - 2012

Most of us spend our entire lives mixing and matching products to find the perfect skincare system that solves all our problems, and gives us the perfect glow without make up. The only problem with that is products alone will not solve all of our skincare issues. We have to start from the inside out. We hear it time and time again, but it is the truth.

A couple of months ago, I was introduced to Dr. Ruthie Harper’s (renowned Texas-based physician in the areas of nutritional medicine and non-surgical aesthetic transformation) skincare program, Skinshift™.

“This new knowledge allows us to truly individualize a routine targeted to the issues that are most important to one’s actual DNA skin type,” says Dr. Harper. “Everyone’s skin is genetically unique and knowing what one’s own DNA actually looks like can help foster a transformational skincare regimen that actually works.”

After reflecting on the process, I can honestly say that this is a great program available to us, especially if you have problem areas and are tired of wasting time, money and unused products.

How it works
Dr. Harper sent over my kit that included a survey with questions about ancestry and skin history, a DNA collector, and detailed instructions on how to take and send my mouth swabbed DNA sample. I mailed back the test. Once it was processed, and Dr. Harper received the Skinshift™ test results, she analyzed it and determined which products would work most effectively with my genetic profile.

[7 days] later, I received my detailed report via email from one of Dr. Harper’s aestheticians. The DNA kit identifies five key aging and health factors including Collagen Formation Factor, Sun Protection Factor, Antioxidant Protection Factor, Glycation Protection Factor and Inflammation Control Factor. As a reviewer, I was walked through the report with the doctor herself via telephone. Usually, a representative is available to the customer once results are received.

To sum this all up without writing too much more, Dr. Harper explained that everyone is prescribed the cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. The customization comes in with the serums based on the at-risk areas from the test. I was a high risk for Collagen Formation Factor (CoIFF) and Sun Protection Factor (SunPF), and a medium risk for Antioxidant Protection Factor (AoxPF). I was recommended serums to help with these areas. She immediately put me at ease with the whole “high risk” thing. Do not panic. It does not mean you are going to do die. It just helps identify deficiencies that can be common in most people.