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SkinDNA ™ offers distribution, partnering and reselling opportunities.

For companies interested in excelling in the area of skin prevention by providing a unique genetic testing service to their customers or patients or wish to learn more about distribution, partnering or reseller opportunities with SkinDNA ™ or our partners

SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test

SkinDNA™ Genetic Test helps YOU to become more aware of the most suitable skincare ingredients to use from your favourite brands - based on your DNA.

The SkinDNA ™ Genetic test is a stand alone DNA laboratory test that is used to scientifically create a personalised guide that allows you to advance beyond the one-size-fits-all suggestions - using the right skincare ingredients tailored to your own genetic blueprint

SkinDNA has revolutionised the anti-aging industry, what’s unique about it is that it's doing this in a non competitive way. It is not a skincare product nor is it an anti-aging treatment. It is a tool designed to synergise everything this industry has to offer allowing to scientifically select to most suitable modalities designed for each individual patient.

Knowing from the SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test that you’re at increased risk to certain premature aging conditions can allow you and your skin professional to pay closer attention to its warning signs and to tailor preventive health strategies accordingly and take the right steps to protect your skin’s future health and appearance.

Australia - Canada - Europe

O Cosmedics™ SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test

O Cosmedics™ lays the foundation for timeless beauty and gives you the chance to show your true beauty.

O is a collection of many years of experience, research and development and personal growth. O is precision skincare in every way. Cosmedical made from the purest combination of medical grade ingredients and cosmetic science, blended harmoniously with nature, in line with international industry movement and breakthrough yet proudly Australian made and owned. O is made using the most potent, most concentrated active ingredients in base creams that have a natural and perfect skin affinity, O is emulsifier free.

Rather than claim the Holy Grail on barely-there volumes we’ve formulated O with potent ingredients. Our world exclusive V8 Peptide Complex™ works behind the scenes on the essential cell structure to age proof your skin and accelerate healing and rejuvenation. Only superior formulations and chirally correct active ingredients will do when it comes to taking action for healthy skin. O knows just where to look and how to transform your skin at the deepest level.

Australia - New Zealand

SkinShift™ powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology

SkinShift ® provides serums and supplements that match your specific needs based on SkinDNA Technology.

Ruthie Harper, is an leading Texan physician in the areas of non-surgical aesthetics, nutritional medicine, and optimal health and wellness. Dr. Harper developed the SkinShift line of skin care products and nutritional supplements to improve the health and appearance of your skin as well as your overall health.

The SkinShift ® skin care program starts with the SkinShift ® DNA Test Kit - powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology. Dr Harper uses SkinDNA ™ Technology as a platform required by her customers to use before tailoring a SkinShift ® skincare regime tailored to their genetic outcomes found in the SkinDN™ A test report.


VITA-Genes™ powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology

VITA-Genes™ powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology, allows you to take the guesswork out of skin care, instead using science to identify a personalised strategy.

Your genetic results provide you with the appropriate tools and resources to take action to build a lifetime of better, healthier, more youthful skin. Identifying your proneness to key aging factors at a genetic level is an investment in your skin’s long term health. by gaining insights into these predispositions can point you toward the prevention measures most suited to you - allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive when it’s often too late.

Hong Kong

GSdnaskin™ powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology

The personalized skin care program starts with a GSdnaskin™ Test Kit - powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology.

GSdnaskin™ skin care series is a proven clinical innovative extraction biotechnology from over 40 natural seaweed and plants ingredients that allow neurotransmissions to be released on both and specific skin genotype-phenotypes. When GSdnaskin™ ‘s ingredients are applied onto the skin; the genotype-phenotype interactions will reverse, heal, and renew aging genes.


powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology


powered by SkinDNA ™ Technology