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March 2014
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In Your Genes: Tailor-made Wellbeing

The future is here! You can now optimise your beauty, fitness and diet regime using DNA testing.

MSN Wellbeing - 2014

... On the other side of the world, the Aussie-based biotech company SkinDNA has developed a more extensive skincare test analysing 16 gene variants over five concerns: collagen breakdown, wrinkling, photo-ageing, oxidisation and sensitivity. The send-off test is priced at a competitive £110. Customers get customised skincare advice, with tips on the sort of products to use and ingredients to look out for.

“SkinDNA is revolutionising the way we take care of our skin,” says the company's founder, Stefan Mazy. “This is the future of the beauty industry and the key to combating skin ageing before the signs even appear.”