In The Media

In The Media

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Skin Aging is in the Genes - by Stefan Mazy

Cosmetex - 2014

The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), welcome Cosmetex 2014 – the Asia-Pacific’s largest and most significant meeting devoted to Cosmetic Medical Practice.

The Genetic Code

MiNDFOOD - 2014

Instead of stashing and trashing products for your imagined skincare ailments, consider tailoring those formulas to your genetic needs.

Family 411: DNA to Asses Skin's Needs

Fox 45 - 2014

Police use DNA to solve crimes. Doctors use it to find out if patients are predisposed to diseases. What if you could use DNA to look younger?

In Your Genes: Tailor-made Wellbeing

MSN Wellbeing - 2014

The future is here! You can now optimise your beauty, fitness and diet regime using DNA testing.

The Genetic Code

Beauty Bender - 2014

Instead of stashing and trashing products for your imagined skincare ailments, consider tailoring those formulas to your genetic needs.

Can Your Genes Reveal The Perfect Skin Care For You?

Prevention - 2014

A new company allowing you to swab your cheek, send off your DNA for analysis, and get back a report detailing your skin's potential pitfalls—allowing you to personalize your approach to skin care.

Tested: [Skin]DNA Skincare Technology with SkinShift & Dr Ruthie Harper

Fashion Pulse Daily - 2014

Nowadays, there’s so much technology can reveal to us, such as an innovative DNA analysis to discover your skin’s individual strengths and weaknesses, even if they haven’t even surfaced yet!

Science Based Skin Solutions

CBS The Doctors - 2013

Tired of spending money on beauty products that don’t work? Dr Ruthie Harper talks about SkinShift, science-based skincare using SkinDNA Technology.

SkinDNA Technology Road Test

TODAY Show - 2013

Searching for the best beauty products doesnt come cheaply, but now a simple genetic test could be the secret to maintaining a youthful glow.

The Science of Skincare

GQ Australia - 2013

The future looks bright as SkinDNA technology brings new life to your daily regime.

SkinShift uses SkinDNA Genetic Test to predict skin's future.

ABC Good Morning America - 2013

SkinShift uses SkinDNA Technology to help you prevent imperfections in your skin before they occur, and recommend a specific skin care product, tailored to your skin’s needs.

Interview with The "Six Boys of Beauty"

DNA with Will Fennell - 2013

New skincare technology rarely interests me - but the SkinDNA Genetic Test got me excited! DNA Magazine interviews Stefan Mazy from SkinDNA International.

Beauty industry's DNA test

Channel 7 News - 2013

SkinDNA is being used to analyse your skin's genetic makeup and predict the biggest problems as time goes by.

Put Your Health To The Test

Women's Health - 2013

From a full body MOT to a genetic test, the WH team has given blood, sweat and saliva to try out the six health tests every woman should know about.

VITA-Genes with SkinDNA Technology

Sudden Weekly - 2013

Media coverage by one of the most famous Hong Kong Magazines

Discovering Your Individualized Skin Care Program

Active-life Magazine - 2013

Both from a medical and anti-aging perspective, it is important to care for and protect your skin... Start with your Genes.

Stefan Mazy SkinDNA Interview - 2013

The Aussie Invention SkinDNA Genetic Test has been so effective that it has now received global attention on the top US program, The Doctors.

How A DNA Test Can Help You Get Perfect Skin

Daily Makeover - 2013

Don’t you wish there was something that could tell you exactly what products are best for your skin type, so you could stop wasting money on things that don’t work?

The Science of Skincare

Good Day LA - 2013

Could your DNA be the secret to maintaining gorgeous glowy skin? Dr. Ruthie Harper says yes. Focusing on the DNA can help people make not only better food choices...but products as well.

Have you ever wondered whether you are using the correct skincare?

Seduced By Beauty - 2013

Whilst I am very lucky to have a Mum who has the most amazing skin for her age when I was offered the opportunity to have my skin tested by SkinDNA I jumped at the chance.

Genomic Insights Into Healthy Skin - by Stefan Mazy

Aesthetic Medicine 2012 Conference - 2012

Professional Beauty boasts a fantastic seminar programme bringing cutting edge trends, and new advancements from the industry.

Aussie Invention Makes Global News

Professional Beauty - 2012

A simple DNA testing process that educates consumers on the right products and ingredients suitable for their skin, based on their DNA.

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Skin (CLUE: It's hiding in your DNA)

Primped - 2012

They say you can’t choose your family. But you can choose your friends. So too, you may have no control over your DNA, but it’s entirely up to you what you slap on your skin.

Brad Pitt For Chanel No5 and the Aussie Skincare Invention Getting Global Attention - 2012

An Aussie invention using a swab test to identify your Skin's DNA in order to create a customisable skin care program is being hailed as the latest holy grail in scientifically combatting premature ageing.

DNA-Based Beauty Products: The Future of Skincare?

Divine Caroline - 2012

SkinShift recommends skincare products and supplements based on your DNA results. Based on this information, we are able to create a custom designed skin care program.

Customized Skincare

Spoiled Little LA Girls - 2012

Everyone's skin is genetically unique and knowing what one's own DNA actually looks like can help foster a transformational skincare regimen that actually works.

How the stars are set to halt the ageing process

OK! - 2011

The launch of SkinDNA – the world’s first comprehensive genetic skin profile test - is one of the most exciting, eyebrow-raising developments to reach Hollywood.


VOGUE - 2010

Wrinkling, sagging skin, sun damage.
What to worry about first?

Genomic Insights into Healthy Skin

Australian Advanced Aesthetics - 2010

SkinDNA revolutionizes the cosmetic industry with its genetic test to assess an individual's DNA; revealing their genetic propensity to intrinsic skin aging.

It's In The Genes

Popular Science - Best Inventions of 2010 Issue - 2010

DNA Profiles could lead to specially targeted skin products.

International Scientific Congress of Esthetics

Brazil International Conference - 2010

DNAage represents SkinDNA with thier talk on Matrix-metalloproteinase genetic variations tested by SkinDNA Genetic Test and Expression interaction with LED Light Therapy