Case Studies

Case Studies

SKINSHIFT - By Dr Ruthie Harper

White Label Partner using SkinDNA ™ Technology

SkinShift ® by Dr Ruthie Harper is a SkinDNA ™ White Label Partner. Dr Harper uses SkinDNA ™ Technology as a platform required as an initial step for her customers. The SkinDNA ™ proprietary software and algorithms are used to tailor a SkinShift ® skincare regime based on the customers genetic outcomes.

See how Dr Ruthie Harper has used our DNA technology as a White Label Solution to gain a competitive advantage against the larger skincare brands.

Dr Vivienne - Cosmetic Physician

Using the SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test in her practice.

As a Dermatologist, healthy skin is our prime objective so l find my work very complimentary and in direct alignment to SkinDNA ™.
Today the SkinDNA ™ Genetic Test is one of our best sellers - not only that, but it has helped to justify why my clients should purchase the products and ingredients I am recommending.

See how Dr Vivienne is revolutionising her Dermatology practice by incorporating cutting edge technology